Birds Backpack
1) Mini-Scout 7x18 Binocular
2) Keychain – Birds of Prey
3) Petersen First Guide to Birds
4) Take-Along Guide to Birds, Nests, and Eggs
5) Backpack Explorer: Bird Watch
6) Everything Bird: What Kids Really Want to Know About Birds
Forests Backpack
1) Take-Along Guide to Trees, Leaves, and Bark
2) Tree Keychain Identification Guide
3) Trees (Petersen First Guide)
4) New York Nature Set: Field Guides to Wildlife, Birds, Trees, & Wildflowers (Pocket Naturalist Guide Set)
5) Treecology: 30 Activities and Observations
6) Mini-Scout 7x18 Binocular
7) Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail
8) Can You Hear the Trees Talking by Peter Wohlleben
9) Nature Bound Camouflage Net for Kids
Insects Backpack
1) Petersen First Guide to Insects
2) Petersen First Guide to Caterpillars
3) Petersen First Guide to Butterflies and Moths
4) Dual Purpose Observation Container
5) Port-A-Bug Field Observation Container
6) Student Insect Net
7) 4x/6x Two-Way Magnifying Viewer
8) Take-Along Guide to Caterpillars, Bugs, and Butterflies
9) Everything Bug: What Kids Really Want to Know About Insects and Spiders
Nighttime Exploration Backpack
1) Planisphere: Two-Sided, 8-inch, 30-40°
2) Moon Gazer
3) Take-Along Guide to Planets, Moons, and Stars
4) Skywatchers: Folding Pocket Guides to the Night Sky, the Moon & Weather (Our Living Earth Series)
5) Night Creepers
6) Wait Till It Gets Dark: A Kids Guide to Exploring the Night
7) Constellations Know-Cards
8) RedSight Pro Red LED Flashlight
9)Celeston Cometron 7x50 astronomy binoculars
Tracking Exploration Backpack
1) Nature Circles Track/Scat Cards (North American Mammals)
2) Basic Tracking Field Guide (Laminated Edition)
3) Take-Along Guide to Tracks, Scats and Signs
4) Animal Track Rubbing Plates
5) Crayola Crayons, box of 24 (for Animal Track Rubbing Plates)
6) Animal Trackers: Folding Pocket Guides to Tracks, Tracking Techniques, & Animal Skulls (Our Living Earth Series)
7) Compass
8) How to Use a Compass book

Want to know which backpacks are at your local library? Click here for a map detailing the backpacks available at each library.

These backpacks were made possible by a Dutchess County Learn, Play, Create grant.