Rebecca E.C. Thornton

Becky Thornton is a dedicated conservationist who is passionate about her work and the DLC’s mission. She has been with the DLC almost since its inception and, since 1996, serves as the president and CEO. Becky has the pleasure of working with her staff, the board and residents to engage the community in the DLC’s work, helping inspire a love of the land and a desire to protect it. She received her BS in Landscape Architecture from Penn State University, where she was awarded the Certificate of Honor for excellence in the study of Landscape Architecture. Becky continued her education with a Master’s in Non-Profit Management with a Leadership Concentration from Northeastern University (Boston). In her spare time, Becky is thinking about the next land to be protected, while enjoying reading (usually with a dog or cat on her lap), golfing, hiking, traveling, doing mission work and being with her family.