Each year the DLC protects more and more land using conservation easements; with these easements comes the responsibility of assisting landowners with the ongoing stewardship of their protected properties. We are dedicated to maintaining positive, active relationships with these stewards, whose partnership is essential in managing the provisions set forth in the easements protecting the land. Working directly with landowners, the DLC helps ensure that future activities follow the terms of their easements. All protected properties are monitored annually, using a combination of landowner contact, aerial overflights, and ground walks.

The DLC also works closely with landowners, realtors, and neighbors as easement-protected property changes hands. New landowners are invited to reach out to the DLC to answer their questions and determine their management objectives for the property in order to try to accommodate these goals under the easement’s terms. On the rare occasion that problems are identified, we work closely with the landowner to remedy the situation.

Land Management

The DLC is building its program to help you figure out the best way to use your land. Whether you want to farm it, remove invasive species, do some sustainable tree clearing, raise honey bees, enhance it for climate change or habitat protection, or other ideas, the DLC is the place to start and can point you in the right direction. Give the DLC a call to see how we can help.