Protecting the Sources of our Water

We don’t often think about where our drinking water comes from, or who takes care to ensure it’s clean and potable. It actually comes from a variety of sources, some deep in the earth in the form of “groundwater” that can be obtained through drilled wells, or that originates as “surface water” in streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Since both surface and ground water sources are vulnerable to pollution, it’s critical that we think about how we can protect this life sustaining resource that we all depend upon.
March 12, 2021
While her property is first and foremost considered a farm to owner Betsy Speeter, the DLC became aware that the property constitutes 25 percent of the Village of Pine Plain’s designated wellhead protection zone. It was clear that this land, with its nearly 40 acres of wetlands that play a crucial role in water quality protection, should be preserved. Development of the land in the wrong way could lead to potential pollution of the Village’s water system. 

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August 12, 2016

A Forever Gift to the Residents of LaGrange

Robert and Valerie Suter cared deeply about their property and wanted to come up with a plan for its future protection and use. With its significant frontage along the Wappinger’s Creek, and its link to both Greenvale Park in Poughkeepsie, and land owned by the Town of LaGrange, it seemed a natural fit to protect the land with a DLC conservation easement and to donate the land in fee to the Town of LaGrange to be used for future passive recreation.

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