“We are so lucky to live here in Dutchess County—with its incredible tapestry of open meadows, wooded hillsides, streams meandering through hidden valleys, orchards and cornfields. It is a tapestry rich in natural resources and stunning scenic vistas.

The threads of this tapestry stretch far back into the past; stone walls built nearly two hundred years ago, land farmed by the same family for generations, and waterways creating unique geological wonders such as the Seven Wells just south of Dover Stone Church. We are surrounded by a fabric of open space that gives both people and wildlife room to flourish. It is incredibly beautiful land—land that should be protected for generations to come, which is why, in 1985, the Dutchess Land Conservancy was formed by people with the vision and determination to do just that—to maintain the beauty and sustenance this land provides its inhabitants. Since that time, the DLC has flourished. We have protected tens of thousands of acres and are on the verge of many more, all because of the support of people and the communities within which we work.

The work we do helps to provide us all with clean water, local farm produce, picturesque landscapes and places where we can leave the stress of daily life behind. We are rewarded with the knowledge that we are protecting and stewarding this land for generations to come. You too can help preserve land.”

Rebecca Seaman, DLC Board Member