A farmer’s love for their land is genuine and deeply embedded in the fabric of generations. Farmland is critical to a farm family’s livelihood. Farm families often want to preserve their farm and the DLC can help create many workable options. Through the sale of development rights, a farm family is able to extract some equity from their land to continue or enhance the farm operation, pass it on to a younger family member, or enable an older generation of family members to retire without having to sell the farm. Protecting the land helps the family realize their goal of sustaining the farm operation in perpetuity.

We work with many farmers to explore ways to keep farming a viable business and give farmers alternatives to selling their farms. We provide conservation land planning assistance and can guide farmers through the process of selling their development rights. The DLC has a strong track record for successfully raising funds and closing purchase of development rights (PDR) projects in Dutchess County. We are committed to helping local farmers remain on their land. For more information about the purchase of development rights, please contact us at 845.677.3002.

In addition, for farmers looking for land to farm, or landowners looking for farmers, the DLC and the Columbia Land Conservancy (CLC) have a joint Farmer-Landowner Match Program that connects farmers seeking to lease or buy farmland, with landowners looking for a farmer or to sell agricultural land.

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