Many landowners love their land and falsely believe that their property’s open and unique features will always remain intact. But this isn’t always the case, and many properties succumb to impactful uses or overdevelopment, forever changing the character of that land.

Landowners can protect their land in perpetuity by working with the DLC to plan for the land’s future by placing a perpetual conservation easement on the property. The conservation easement ensures that the landowner’s goals for the property will remain intact for the future.

The DLC has a 35-year record of success working with landowners to identify short and long-term goals for the land including: financial objectives, retaining future home sites for children or for a partial sale, and providing for future family use of the property. These objectives are then balanced with conservation goals, such as preserving scenic views, open fields, ponds, streams and wetlands, intact forests and wildlife habitats.

Together, the DLC and the landowners devise a plan for the land that meets the both the landowner’s and the DLC’s conservation goals, which is then spelled out in a conservation easement that ensures the land will remain intact in perpetuity.

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