One of the primary goals of the DLC is to preserve natural resources: the forests that give off oxygen and store the carbon we produce, the farmland where our food is grown, the open land that offers us opportunities for outdoor recreation, the waterways and wetlands that carry and filter our drinking water, and scenic views that inspire our lives. We work with landowners to conserve large, interconnected, unfragmented landscapes that protect biodiversity, viable ecosystems and wildlife populations, and facilitate their movement and adaptation in the face of climate change. When landowners make the connection between their property and the adjoining larger landscape, and combine this with their preservation goals, the result is a well-thought-out plan for the land that benefits the landowner, the community and the rural and natural environment.

We’re so proud to share stories of people who prioritize this connection and protected their land and its resources for the benefit of us all.
Shenandoah Farm
Visible from the Taconic State Parkway and I-84 in East Fishkill, Shenandoah Farm often signals your arrival in pastoral Duchess County. It stands testament to the area’s agricultural heritage, as this viewshed is often touted as many people’s favorite. But because of its proximity to two major highways, it was always at high risk of development.

Once upon a time, a Jackson ancestor sold part of his family’s Shenandoah Farm. Subsequent Jackson generations worked the same 39-acre parcel, along with their own land, as part of a lease with the owner for their dairy operation. But patriarch Verne Jackson longed to rejoin the parcel with their original holding. 

A Forever Gift to the Residents of LaGrange

Robert and Valerie Suter cared deeply about their property and wanted to come up with a plan for its future protection and use. With its significant frontage along the Wappinger’s Creek, and its link to both Greenvale Park in Poughkeepsie, and land owned by the Town of LaGrange, it seemed a natural fit to protect the land with a DLC conservation easement and to donate the land in fee to the Town of LaGrange to be used for future passive recreation.