August 11, 2023
Moth Night 1 NewsLate summer flowers show their stuff!

Moth Night 1 News 2The DLC partnered with Audubon NY for a trek through the Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary in Stanfordville for a Friday Night Wildflower Walk. Dave Decker of Audubon NY led the way, showing guests the brilliant and surprising August blooms that dotted the countryside. Bright white Yarrows, the vivid purples and pinks of Showy Tick Trefoils, and the soothing yellows and browns of Black-eyed Susans made a stunning contrast to the lush greens of the landscape. Guests marveled as Dave explained the ecological benefits of the flowers and pointed out the pollinators feeding on the pollen they provided. It was an astounding show of nature at her best that those who attended will not soon forget.Moth Night 1 News 3Moth Night 1 News 4