October 2, 2023
Explore Stissing News 1The DLC teamed with partner organizations and volunteers to open a new trail and enjoy the outdoors.

Geology Walk with Geo Beck News 3While the weather wasn't perfect, scores showed up at the Thompson Pond Nature Preserve in Pine Plains for the grand opening of the Tower Trail. Constructed by volunteers representing the DLC and Friends of Stissing Landmarks on the Preserve owned by The Nature Conservancy, the new trail represents the power of organizations partnering to achieve more than they can do alone. The Tower Trail provides an alternate route to the fire tower atop Stissing Mountain that will forever remain public. In addition to the ribbon cutting to open the new trail - using branch loppers, of course - the day also featured a pollinator walk, a wetlands walk, a fall plant walk, kids outdoor activities,Explore Stissing News 6 a gear swap, plenty of food, and tons of fun.Explore Stissing News 5Explore Stissing News 3Explore Stissing News 4