December 4, 2023
Moth Night 1 NewsGeologist Becky Nesel leads a walk exploring the geologic wonders found at Thompson Pond

Geology Walk with Geo Beck News 3Local Geologist and Science Educator Becky Nesel led a group in the exploration of the breadth of Dutchess County geology at the Thompson Pond Preserve in Pine Plains. From the billion-year-old rocks found at the base of Stissing Mountain, pushed to the surface in tectonic upheavals, to the more recent 10,000-year-old Thompson Pond, created by retreating glaciers, the rich geologic history of the Hudson Valley was showcased in all its glory. Guests marveled at the fascinating and rich complexity of the Hudson Valley's vibrant geologic story. Moth Night 1 News 3Moth Night 1 News 4