April 8, 2023
Wells Brook Restoration News 1Volunteers planted native trees and removed invasives and litter to improve this important cold water trout habitat.
Wells Brook News 3DLC's Volunteer Program partnered with the Housatonic Valley Association and the Mid-Hudson Chapter of Trout Unlimited to remove invasive plants along the banks of the Wells Brook in the Town of Dover. Garbage and litter were removed and then native trees were planted, including red maple, sycamore, and willow, in an effort to stem the erosion occurring here. Wells Brook is a tributary of the Ten Mile River, which in turn flows into the Housatonic River. Trout from the Ten Mile and Housatonic Rivers swim upstream to Wells Brook in summer due to the cold water found here. It's a vital habitat for these fish, one that requires diligent care. At the end of the day, participants were treated to a lesson on the macroinvertebrates found in the brook that serves as a large part of their diet. We thank our volunteers for turning out to help out.
Wells Brook Restoration News 2