August 1, 2023
Moth Night 1 NewsThe DLC and guests ventured out for another stunning night with the Lepidotera!

Moth Night 2 News 2Volunteer lepidopterist Matthew Rymkiewicz was back at it again, as he led an amazing second Moth Night. On Tuesday, August 1, attendees gathered in the fading twilight at the Thompson Pond Preserve in the Town of Stanford to see which moths would appear. Sure enough, the cool waters of Thompson Pond, combined with the specially baited trees and the blue lights from Matthew's riggings, brought moths in their hundreds. Moths of all shapes, sizes, and colors danced in the light before settling on the white fabric, allowing for perusal and identification by Matthew and the many guests. The setting and Matthew's infectious spirit and enthusiasm for the moths made for a splendid evening. Our moth nights have quickly become favorites and we will be sure to schedule more for next summer!Moth Night 1 News 3Moth Night 1 News 4