May 13, 2023
Pollinator Fun News 1The DLC organized a pollinator day at Plan Bee Farm Brewery in Poughkeepsie and the results were amazing!

Collaborating with Plan Bee Farm Brewery and Fox Farm Apiary, the DLC brought together friends of the bees both young and old to celebrate our pollinator friends. Folks gathered to learn about pollinators and the many ways they help us. Kids gathered to construct bee hotels from dried Phragmites australis australis stalks and native seed bombs created by rolling flower seeds into balls of clay. Emily Watson, co-owner and co-founder of Plan Bee Farm Brewery, and Chris Layman of Fox Farms Apiary, together with DLC Ecologist Julie Hart, led a walk through the fields and wetlands of Plan Bee's farm and discussed the role of bees there and in our yards.
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