August 6, 2023
Moth Night 1 NewsThe DLC partnered with Wethersfield Estate & Garden for two fabulous walks this summer!

Moth Night 2 News 2Wethersfield Head of Horticulture Alaina Mancini and DLC Director of Education Julie Hart twice led guests this summer through the sumptuous gardens and lush woodlands of the DLC protected Wethersfield Estate and Garden. On two gorgeous summer mornings - July 7 and August 6 - attendees were treated to one of the finest landscapes to be found in Dutchess County. As they walked, they learned about the plants and flowers in the gardens and the trees and fungi found in the forests, as well as the creatures that roam and fly throughout the estate. This property - forever preserved by the DLC - is one of the premier gardens to be found in the northeastern United States, and well worth a visit, particularly if you can do so accompanied by two experts like Alaina and Julie.Moth Night 1 News 3Moth Night 1 News 4