April 11, 2022
News Buttercup Farm 4 9 22Together with our friends at Audubon NY, the DLC hosted a Woodcock Walk at the Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary on April 9.
We had an enthusiastic group of birders join us to learn about eBird and Merlin, two smartphone apps used to identify and catalogue bird species.  We all enjoyed a walk on the Sanctuary’s well-maintained trails in search of the elusive American Woodcock.  To punctuate the majesty of the day, guests were treated to a stunning rainbow.  Woodcocks are well-camouflaged and difficult to spot, but one was heard and identified by the expert ear of Dave Decker, Audubon NY’s Land Steward.  If you missed this bird walk, we have plenty more planned!  Just check for updates here on on our Facebook page.