April 11, 2022
News Buttercup Farm 4 9 22Together with our friends at Audubon NY, the DLC hosted a Woodcock Walk at the Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary on April 9.

April 7, 2022
Earth Matters Close Web NewsThe first season of our winter webinar series, Earth Matters, ended with the sixth installment on April 6.

April 4, 2022
4 H Web NewsThis spring, an exciting new partnership has sprung up between the DLC and Cornell Cooperative Extension’s 4-H program, in the form of a three-session Special Interest (SPIN) Club called Conserve Our County.

April 4, 2022
The DLC is happy to announce our all new volunteer and community science program! This program will provide exciting opportunities for you to engage with the DLC and our work, and provide valuable services to public lands, scientific research, and support our ecosystem and community. Your help can make a difference!

March 24, 2022
Tree ID Web NewsWinter is a great time to practice tree identification skills, and in March our Director of Education Julie Hart teamed once again with Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Wildlife Biologist Fargione for a tree ID webinar.

March 18, 2021
The Reel Deal
Forever Protected: A Dutchess Land Conservancy Film, produced by environmental filmmaker Jon Bowermaster, opens with a panoramic flyover showcasing this area’s tapestry of majestic forests, fields and farms, visually conveying the DLC’s essential mission: land conservation. Resident actor Liam Neeson opens the film with his own compelling statement to the community: “We are so lucky to have this place. But I know it takes more than luck to preserve what we have here. It takes the work of organizations like the Dutchess Land Conservancy.”